Canadians united in energy prosperity.



Primer on Energy Systems in Canada


Energy Exchange, a division of Pollution Probe, is dedicated to advancing energy literacy in Canada. It aspires to a future in which Canadians are united in their energy prosperity, rather than divided by their energy options.


WEBINAR: Engaging Communities on Energy Planning

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018, Pollution Probe held a webinar on ‘Engaging Communities on Energy Planning’. Watch this recording to listen to industry leaders from Our Energy Guelph and Foothills Energy Co-Op on the strategies and challenges faced when involving communities on energy decision making. 

WEBINAR: Women in Energy

On Wednesday, January 31, Energy Exchange’s Women in Energy webinar will explore gender diversity in the energy sector and the Leadership Accord on Gender Diversity for the Electricity Industry, and introduce participants to outstanding leaders in energy.

Primer on Energy Systems in Canada, 2nd Edition

This comprehensive, peer-reviewed resource is full of useful energy facts and figures with practical examples of how to optimize energy use in your own life.

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Accelerate 2015: International Conference on Energy Literacy

Energy Exchange held its first international conference on energy literacy, welcoming nearly 100 participants representing 61 organizations from across Canada, municipal, provincial and federal government and many of Canada’s biggest companies. The engaging sessions brought diverse speakers from organizations across the country and around the world to discuss citizen engagement towards nation building and the role of energy literacy.

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