CALL OUT: Reviewers for 2nd Ed. of Primer on Energy Systems in Canada

Passionate about energy literacy?  Have expertise on emerging energy technology or the financial dimensions of the Canadian energy sector?

Energy Exchange is seeking energy experts to review the second edition of its Primer on Energy Systems in Canada. We are looking for individuals with expertise in the either of the following two subject areas:

Emerging Energy Technologies

Geothermal energy, shale gas, energy from waste, ocean energy, and energy storage technologies

Financial and economic dimensions of the Canadian energy sector

Energy prices in Canada, employment in the Canadian energy sector, energy and the Canadian GDP, investment in the sector, and government revenue from the energy industry

Ideal candidates have academic training in either of the above subject areas or are currently working in a related field.  If interested, please send a single-page summary of your credentials, describing how and why you are qualified for this role.

Please note that, although the role of expert reviewer is voluntary, successful candidates will have their names printed in the “Acknowledgements” section of the final print and online versions of the primer.  If you are interested in browsing the first edition of the primer, please visit:

Applications to be a reviewer or questions regarding this posting should be sent to

Deadline for application is August 7, 2015.

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