How is Energy Exchange unique?

Energy is presently the mainstay of the Canadian economy and critical to our prosperity now and for generations to come.


Energy Exchange respects the diverse cultural, geographic, and political dimensions of Canada and works across all regions and jurisdictions to advance energy literacy.


Energy Exchange provides an effective platform for meaningful collaboration with other like-minded organizations, and enriches and expands the overall collective capacity of Canada’s energy literacy ecosystem.


Energy Exchange’s initiatives and strategies are based on the principles of knowledge mobilization – getting the right information to the right people at the right time, in the right format, to influence their decision-making and to create new value.


Energy Exchange is committed to measurably increasing energy literacy levels in Canada, establishing standardized metrics and key performance indicators to assess results across the country and to report publicly on progress made.


Energy literacy empowers people to think for themselves and engage in positive and productive dialogue. Energy Exchange promotes broad-based energy literacy, presenting facts and concepts without prejudice, so that individuals can understand the nature of energy systems, consider their options, and confront the trade-offs implicit in their choice.


Knowing is not the same as doing. We learn about 10 per cent of what we read, 50 per cent of what we see and hear, and 90 per cent of what we say and do. So Energy Exchange bypasses traditional, passive learning in favour of innovative platforms, such as dialogue, gaming, and hands-on problem- solving, targeted to engage diverse audiences.


Energy Exchange promotes systems thinking on energy – the interconnections between energy sources, distribution networks, and how people live and work in Canada. Energy systems thinking is critical to understanding how decisions that impact one part of the system affect the system as a whole.